AVERA Electric Scooter – RETROSA is LAUNCHED

Our Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh launched “RETROSA” electric scooter of Amaravati based start-up AVERA New and Renewable Energy with the guidance of NREDCAP. AVERA being the first electric scooter manufacturer in the new born state of AP by the call given by CM to make Amaravati a pollution free city. During the event CM noticed that AP will be the manufacturing hub for the quality products and it will be gateway to rest of the world. CM even emphasized the importance of shifting to electric mobility is the need of the hour. India is depending mostly on oil imports and we are unable to place a barrier on the cost of petrol and diesel, where our economy depends. We already initiated usage of electric cars in government offices and electric auto for garbage collection, in the near future we want the entire state to be electric and thus to produce the power needed to charge all these vehicles using solar renewable energy.
AVERA did lot of research and placed tireless effort in the development of electric scooter for Indian roads. During the launch AVERA founder and CEO Dr. Venkata Ramana said, “We are developing a scooter which can suffice present and future by giving a top speed of 90kmph and range of 140 kilometres on a single charge. We are well aware of the current economic barriers within the sector and coming out with more creative sales method and after sales process as well as customer buying experience. As the country moves a step forward with the Digitalize India campaign, We fully integrate marketing ideas to reach our proposed sales targets. We focus on providing a premium user experience.”
On the occasion AVERA co-founder and COO, Mrs. Chandini Chandana said,” we aim in more of women employment and train them to equip beneficiaries with their skills they need to find work in the electric scooter manufacturing sector. To support the industry we are coming out with 100 solar powered charging stations across AP. Even to go further we are planning to come out with free charging schemes to AVERA grid users.”

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