AVERA Electric Vehicles on “Swachhta Seva” event in Vijayawada

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, 2nd Oct 2018, the government of Andra Pradesh organized “Swachhta Seva” event in Vijayawada at Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium.

AVERA also has taken part in this great event to created awareness among Students and public about the usage of AVERA Electric vehicles which are cleaner and pollution-free with the simple wish of giving great future which contributes to cleaner air and a healthier environment to the next generations who can enjoy the security of the quality and reliability.

AVERA Electric Vehicles Scooters Showing in Swatch Barath

AVERA Electric Vehicles Scooters expo in “Swachhta Seva

AVERA is also stepping forward with Central and State Government’s Mission to have Clean & Healthier India; we got the foremost attention from the community and got an excellent response and appreciation from government officials, Police officers, and Youth as well.

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