AVERA Co-Founder Mrs Chandini Chandana: At Gudlavalleru College of Engineering

AVERA Co-Founder & COO Mrs Chandini Chandana: At Gudlavalleru College of Engineering.

Gudlavalleru College conducted a session on women empowerment and Challenges faced by young Women Entrepreneurs on 25th Sep 2018. Mrs Chandini Chandana Co-Founder & COO for AVERA Electric Vehicles was invited as the Guest Speaker to share her views and challenges faced by her along with the journey in AVERA.

AVERA Co-Founder & COO Mrs Chandini Chandana At Gudlavalleru College of Engineering and MBA

Women empowerment is vital to India’s development and we have to understand its impact. Empowerment is about being given authority and power to do something, becoming stronger and confident, be aware of one’s rights and privileges in a more meaningful and fulfilling way. Most importantly all these rights should be carried with the sense of responsibility.

She rose “Women face many obstacles like gender discrimination at workplaces, lack of suitable opportunities, domestic responsibilities, orthodox family values and safety concerns. The key for women independence is literacy and education. Explaining her journey and hindrances she faced at the early stage in AVERA, she shared how to manage the duties as a daughter, as a mother and as an entrepreneur.

AVERA Co-Founder & COO Mrs Chandini Chandana is At Gudlavalleru College of Engineering and MBA

Discussing about how important time management and patience in one’s life, elaborated about the time she had waited for her dream to come true. “when I was in my intermediate, I used to be inspired by seeing the articles published in Eenadu VASUNDHARA about women who started there business in small, medium and large scale industries and the efforts they are putting to empower women and create employment for them especially in the rural areas. Somehow I know I won’t get any opportunity to prove myself, but it was submerged in my mind. It took 15 years for me to reach to my aim that was submerged in my mind when the article about AVERA and me got published in THE HINDU, Metro Plus after the HAPPY CITIES SUMMIT 2018 happened in Amaravati” she said.

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