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Hop on to the plug-in wonder

It’s time to ditch fossil fuel and switch to green energy thanks to electric vehicles rolled out by city startup AVERA.

Even as many wonder whether the frequent rise in prices of petrol and diesel will ever stop, a city startup’s initiative seems to come like manna from heaven.

Vijayawada-based startup AVERA, has developed a prototype of an electric vehicle (EV) that will soon be seen all over city roads. Having recognised the global movement to make electric vehicles (EVs) go mainstream, Avera decided in December 2015 to develop the prototype.

“With an increase in air and noise pollution, the world is finally recognising the need to develop an increasingly sustainable line-up of silent, battery-powered two-wheelers,” says Akula Venkata Raman, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Avera, a subsidiary of Chandana Corporation.

A techno buff, Ramana had earlier, rolled out smart gear for home, office and public security using biometrics as a basis for its comprehensive software solution. His passion and research have spawned an impressive range of innovative gadgets such as an air-conditioner that runs without a compressor, a 21-megapixel real-time camera and a power-generation gadget using magnetic induction coil.

Following research spread over two years, he has now designed the electric two-wheeler vehicle. “The prototype was ready over a year back but we were quietly working on resolving issues of pricing, charging infrastructure and driving range,” says Chandini Chandana, CEO of Avera and wife of Ramana.

The e-bike is propelled by an electric motor powered by rechargeable battery packs and has several advantages over the conventional two-wheelers.

AVERA Electric Vehicles(Bikes and Scooters) Electric Scooters in India

         “The operating cost of these vehicles is negligible,” says Chandini, CEO AVERA

Besides being energy-efficient and environmental-friendly, benefits include quiet and smooth operation and reduced dependence on energy.

Avera is the only firm in Andhra Pradesh to have an e-bike assembling unit; it is at Nunna on the outskirts of Vijayawada.

Even as you wonder if these e-bikes are better, quicker and more fun to drive than conventionally-fueled ones, Chandini explains, “The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo 4) is rechargeable and detachable. Very soon, we’ll set up a charging point in every 5-km range. In the next level, we will have in place battery-swapping which will reduce the recharging time to mere 5 minutes,” she says.

Initial challenge

The battery cost, says the couple, was initially the biggest deterrent to making EVs affordable. The use of lithium-ion batteries brought down the price substantially. The vehicle, they claim, would be ‘ultra-affordable’ and add “we don’t want to disappoint any customer and plan to design customised vehicles. If somebody wants it for a slightly lower price, we will be happy to do so.”

For business traction and on a pilot basis, Avera plans to distribute it’s EVs free of cost to e-commerce and logistics companies for use by their delivery personnel. “They travel a distance of 7 km- 100 km for door deliveries in and around the city, every day. They are the best segment to demonstrate the smooth functionality of our product,” says Ramana.

At the just-concluded Happy Cities Summit, Avera received over 600 bookings for this product. Encouraged, Ramana says the EVs will be launched in the local market by August this year.

Revving up

Despite many challenges, electric vehicles are steadily gaining traction in India thanks to favourable Government initiatives and the entry of international players besides enthusiastic indigenous start-ups.

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