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Battery Swapping

Using robotic automation to swap out batteries in minutes rather than waiting for a battery to charge sounds like a great way to defeat range anxiety. In few minutes, you could have a battery swapped out and be back on the road.

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POWERFUL Performance

The Battery Management System is the smart housekeeper with powerful computing capability to extend battery performance and lifetime. We are using Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells which produce 3 times more consistent and reliable power.

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simply smart

High-tensile aluminum body frame is designed to reduce manufacturing carbon footprint, while enhancing assembly precision. Reduced vehicle weight allows AVERA to produce a noticeably extended range, while providing a light and agile experience on the road.



Working on Internet of Things (IoT) technology to bring the first connected scooter to the two-wheeler industry with unified operations and monitoring management.

Charge From Any Outlet

With the convenience of charging station at home, evs can be plugged overnight then you’ll be all set for the start of a new day or at workplace as no extra accessories needed, AVERA can be conveniently charged from outlets, just like any electronic device.

built clean

Driven by advanced technology and growing concerns about climate change it provides mobility for billions of people shift towards eco friendly sources AVERA make a low carbon society. We’re determined to play our part in this transition – helping to meet the world’s need for more of new energy e-Vehicles.

light and clear

Say goodbye to pricey oil changes and tune-ups. With fewer moving parts than any Electric Vehicle you’ve ever owned, AVERA comes with ultra low maintenance as the battery, motor and associated electronics require little regular maintenance.


We are here to build a "Pollution Free World"

“AVERA New and Renewable Energy” is a vertically-integrated manufacturer in pure electric vehicles and energy retailer startup. Launched by a team of young entrepreneurs in Amaravati region of Andhra Pradesh, Sunrise State of India. AVERA aims to become a globally recognized producer of more economical, greener and more energy-efficient pure electric vehicles.

AVERA builds electric vehicles and controls the entire electric vehicle supply chain from batteries to electric vehicles. We focus on electrifying traditional emission-releasing vehicles for a more sustainable and economical solution. AVERA aspires to disrupt the two-wheeler automotive industry in India, by offering electric bikes and scooters at prices affordable to the average consumer.



Founder & CEO
( International Technology Consultant )
Pursuing “Doctor of Sciences” and by holding a “Doctorate” in hand with Double Masters, he continuously strives for the improvements of technology. He handles many responsibilities including manufacturing, product development and highly concentrating on quality.


Co-Founder & COO
Takes the responsibility of the Company to maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility, also ensures effective internal controls and management information systems.

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