An Article About AVERA in “THE HINDU” News Paper – 8th Oct 2017

All-woman start-up sets up assembling unit at Nunna.

Keeping pace with the Modi government’s 2030 target to transition the country entirely to electric vehicles, a start-up firm launched by a team of young entrepreneurs in the Amaravati region of Sunrise Andhra Pradesh is all set to roll out e-bikes from its own assembling unit at Nunna here next year.

Electric two-wheelers will crisscross the roads of Amaravati thanks to Avera e-Bikes, an all-women start-up firm.

An Article About AVERA in The Hindu News Paper - Avera electric bikes

Chandini Chandana, CEO of Avera e-Bikes (left) with the new product to be launched in the market soon, in Vijayawada.

“Pre-booking of the vehicle will be made available from January 1 and delivery of the vehicle will start from March,” said Chandini Chandana, CEO of Avera e-Bikes.

Run by electricity, these vehicles are propelled by electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs and have several advantages over conventional vehicles. “They are not just energy-efficient and environment-friendly, there are performance benefits like quiet and smooth operation and reduced dependence on energy and the operating cost of these vehicles is very negligible,” said Ms Chandana.

The vehicle is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo 4) battery, also called LFP battery, which is rechargeable and a Bosch motor, which is imported, while the remaining 60% of the parts have been sourced from the manufacturers within the country.

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