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Battery Swapping

Using robotic automation to swap out batteries in minutes rather than waiting for a battery to charge sounds like a great way to defeat range anxiety. In few minutes, you could have a battery swapped out and be back on the road .

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unlimited range

A New charging system for ” AVERA ” would involve building hardware onto roads. So that E Vehicles can power up while they drive. We also developed and tested for the study enables dynamic charging.

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futuristic design

Our Vehicles are true power and unleashed by better thermal design and integrated battery management system.Our Better control is cleaner fuel and purely more efficient. Things that the future won’t relent on. Owning an futuristic electric vehicle will never be a compromise again.



We make full use of technology, so that we analyze practical demands of electric vehicle charging-swap networks operation service scenarios and define the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture for electric vehicles for wide area unified operations and monitoring management .

easy to Charge

With the convenience of our own home charging station or your workplace ,we can plug in our E Vehicle at overnight then you’ll be all set for the start of a new day. You can easily find public charging stations on your route, when you need to recharge on-the-go.

No Pollution

We can make the world a cleaner, quieter place with AVERA New Energy Electric Vehicles. Because Electric Motors don’t make pollution like internal combustion engines.With a 100% electric drive system powered by an advanced rechargeable lithium-iron phospate battery and our maximizing features that help you go farther on every charge.

LOW maintenance

With AVERA Electric Vehicles you can say goodbye to pricey oil changes and tune-ups. With fewer moving parts than any Electric Vehicle you’ve ever owned, AVERA is ultra low maintenance,because the battery, motor and associated electronics require little regular maintenance.


About US

" AVERA ” is an integrated tech and start up company, aiming to be engineering innovations organization focused on cheaper sustainable energy services , by using advanced Lithium Iron phosphate battery and Electric Motor Technology with modernistic and distinct features.Through improvements of conventional technology, as well as pioneering efforts in the application of new technologies, we are taking great steps to develop eco-vehicles with the Brand name “AVERA” which will help us become a low carbon society“. EV's are growing in popularity and connectivity with cleaner and more efficient which contributes to cleaner air and healthier environment to next generations who can enjoy security of quality and reliability.Through improvements of conventional technology, as well as pioneering efforts in the application of new technology. With core technology of Internet of Things (IoT), we developed operations and monitoring platform for electric vehicle charging-swap networks management using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). We believe that it is our mission to shape the future of mobility in a safe and sustainable manner, with the help of technology-enabled resources and continue to help promote abundant and diverse supplies to meet rising global energy needs which mobilizes billions of people shifting towards lower carbon sources.


Chandini Chandana

As a Chief Executive officer in “AVERA ” she takes the responsibility for the company’s corporate controllership, treasury, tax, investor relations, financial reporting and analysis, strategic planning and analysis and corporate development functions.

ramana ave

CTO ( International Technology Consultant)
Being a Double MS Graduate,he Continuously strives for improvements of technology. He handles many operational responsibilities including manufacturing,product development and highly concentrating on quality.

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